About Us

Our Team

The current Incoming South Africa team is made up of two founding members, a lead generator, an operations manager, two travel consultants, a transport consultant and a designer responsible for all design elements and social media. Stacy de Wet – who runs a travel consultancy business – and Grant Gregory from Flight Centre – have been in the industry for more than ten-years and it’s their job to ensure all our travel arrangements are prepared and monitored from booking the tour to departing at the end of the tour.

Justin Asher

Founding Partner & Director

An entrepreneur at heart, Justin Asher lives and breathes the start-up culture. Justin used his Marketing Communications degree and became involved in his first start-up when he joined The Greenhouse – an advertising agency.

Ryan Strauss

Founding Partner & Director

Ryan has fast become known as the “guide-to-get” for international and local travellers wanting to learn more about the country’s rich history and culture and often offers his services to tour groups large or small.

We are Incoming SA

The Aim

To expose school, amateur, semi-professional and professional sports clubs to the South African culture using sport as a means of creating reason and providing justification to tour South Africa.

The Vision

To become the leading independent sports tour management company in Africa.

The Name

We believed that the name ‘Incoming’ was synonymous with sport and more so with tours coming into our country. We believed it held a good brand for expansion as the letters “SA” could be replaced with the Acronym for any City / Country where we later would bring tours into.


We’re proud to present our proposal and hope the information we provide therein will offer a base understanding of the value for money we’re able to offer your next sport and cultural tour.