Tour Case Study

CASE STUDY: Gems Cambridge International School | Kampala, Uganda

Students of the GEMS Cambridge International School, based in Kampala, were looking for a destination to replace their upcoming Barcelona sports tour. With Cape Town as one of the most obvious options, the school approached Incoming South Africa to put together an incredible cultural experience coupled with competitive matches and training for their football team.

Each member of the touring party gets issued, upon touch down in South Africa, with a printed copy of their full tour schedule as well as a name-badge and lanyard to distinguish them among the group and guides. This helps the guide and chaperone to keep the group together and adds and extra layer of security when out on excursions.

The schedule offers an overview of all the upcoming tour activities and allows the touring members to get an idea of exactly where they’ll be, and when, in order to plan ahead and research the sites they’ll be visiting.

CASE STUDY: Gems Cambridge International School | Nairobi, Kenya

After hearing of a successful tour from their counterparts in Kampala, the GEMS Nairobi school requested a proposal for participation in the Spur IronKids event – the curtain-raiser event to the African IronMan Championships held in Port Elizabeth.

An incredible two-city proposal – tailored to suit the $1600 budget per student – was accepted as 29 young students, 1 parents and 4 teacher-chaperones made their way to South Africa.

All 29 kids – aged 6 to 13 – competed in the biathlon event which acts as a preamble to the international showpiece IronMan event the following day.

After spending two nights in Cape Town, and visiting some of the top tourist destinations, the group made their way on a luxury overnight bus to Port Elizabeth. After visits to some of Port Elizabeth’s major attractions and participation in the Spur IronKids event, the tour group made their way back to Cape Town for 3 days before flying back to Nairobi.

An incredible action packed tour filled with two visits to see the penguins, a day above the clouds to take in the views from Table Mountain and a visit to Robben Island – the prison island which housed former South Africa President, and Apartheid struggle icon, Nelson Mandela.