About Us

The Company

What started as a small idea in 2016, to bring school groups to Cape Town for sports tours, has morphed into a full service boutique travel management business.

Offering services which range from hospitality management, conference planning, travel & concierge management through to specialising in large group tours; the company now also offers a bespoke travel experience arm whose focus is exclusively on sourcing and creating the most unique travel experiences, dubbed “experiential travel”.

The business is operated by Justin Asher and his business partner, Ryan Strauss. With a marketing and business degree behind his name, Justin is not a stranger to the world of entrepreneurship inwhich a 7-week European trip sparked his desire to one day own and operate his own travel business.

Having been a former professional golf player, playing on some of the country’s finest golf courses, Ryan found a life in travel by becoming one of Cape Town’s most booked tour guides.

Apart from the two founding partners, Incoming South Africa has built partnerships and relationships with a number of suppliers – both locally and overseas – giving the company unprecedented access to the best deals, luxury getaways and the most incredibe and unique experiences.

The People

Justin Asher
Founder & Director

Having started in Advertising, Justin went on to fulfil a number of roles before settling for three years and running operations in a major logistics startup.

His passion for business (and travel) is clear in his plans for Incoming SA while he also heads up a second disrupting startup, flx, in the innovative mobility industry.

If there’s an industry to innovate and disrupt, Justin’s up for the challenge!

Ryan Strauss
Founding Partner & Director

After a career in professional golf, Ryan sought opportunities in the tourism and travel industry and went on to become one of the most trusted and booked-out guides in the Western Cape. Through his involvement in Incoming SA, Ryan can ensure every tour package is perfect, from planning to execution.

Ryan’s personality, experience and ability to act in the moment makes him an asset to Incoming SA and ensures the company can offer incredible experiences through each and every tour booking.

Jade van Biljon
Operations & Support

With a 12-year background in Finance, Jade’s role in the business is varied from managing the daily business operations to budgeting trips, balancing the books and ensuring the business reaches its financial objectives.

When she’s not in the office, you’ll probably find Jade in a pilates studio or planning the next customer-centric yoga retreat – boasting her RYT200 Teacher’s Certification (in Ashtanga and Vinyasa); there’s no-one better suited to tailor-making these packages.

Jeremy Kornblum
Strategic Advisor

Having spent many years managing his business interests in Londn and Belgium, Jeremy moved back to his hometown in Cape Town where he now lives with his wife and two daughters.

Jeremy’s interests vary from his property development company to a livestock farm a few hours outside the City. His keen interest in experiential travel and his succesful history in understanding best business practice makes him an incredible asset to the Incoming South Africa team.

Sean Roberts
Business Development

A former professional football player, Sean began a career in professional player management (also known as an “agent”) after a stint in the Carribean spanning three years. Starting out promoting investment options to pro players, Sean quickly moved into the business of full player representation – opening his own agency with a business partner.

Sean’s greatest strength is his network of trusted confidants and his ability to bring a deal to the table puts him in good stead to lead the future growth of the businesses’ sporting interests.

When he’s not managing players or promoting the sports tours, Sean can probably be found on the silver screen as a football pundit working for South Africa’s leading sport channel, Supersport.

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